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Concept Store, Bulgaria




These General Terms and Conditions are published on the website and are meant to regulate the relationship between SIRIUS COMPANYEAD, (“Sirius”), on the one hand, and the consumers of electronic (Internet) pages and services, located on the (“the website”) domain.

These General Terms and Conditions are binding upon all consumers, which have upon registration on the website have agreed explicitly and have accepted to comply thoroughly with these General Terms and Conditions. The refusal to accept the General Terms and Conditions prevents registration on the website and benefitting from the services and goods that Sirius offers.

Sirius reserves its right to change these General Terms and Conditions by publishing the amendment on the website. The changes come into force as of the date of publication, unless otherwise specified in these General Terms and Conditions. The amendments cannot affect main aspects of already approved orders of customers for the buying of a product form the Sirius website, for example terms of delivery, price of delivery, terms of cancellation, end price and so on, unless the amendments are more favorable for the customer. The order shall be deemed made as of the moment of sending a confirmation from Sirius to the consumer for the realized order and the possibility of its execution.

In case the consumer does not accept and disagrees with the General Terms and Conditions and their amendments, the consumer must discontinue using the website. It is unconditionally recognized hereby that the consumer agrees and accepts these General Terms and Conditions upon making an order for buying a product from the Sirius website.


National organs for protection of customers:

Personal Data Protection Commission

Address: Sofia, 15 Ivan Evstatiev Geshov str.

Tel. number: +3592 940 20 46

Fax: +3592 940 36 40




Commission for Consumer Protection

Address: Sofia, 4A Slaveikov square, fl. 3, 4 and 6,

Tel. number: +3592 980 25 24

Fax: +3592 988 42 18

Hotline: +359700 111 22



The website is managed by the company “SIRIUS COMPANY” EAD. “SIRIUS COMPANY” EAD is a single-member joint stock company, registered under the Bulgarian legislation and registered in the Commercial register at the Registry Agency under UIC 204496318. The seat and management address of Sirius is located in Bulgaria, Sofia 1330, Part II Krasna polyana region, bl. 7, entr. A, fl. 13, apt. 65.

The retail establishment of Sirius is located in Bulgaria, Sofia, 1 Pozitano Str.

For contacts with Sirius you can write to the following address: “Pozitano” Str 1,



Sirius offers the products listed on the website for sale. In the description of every product there are details regarding its main characteristics and end price (VAT included) in Bulgarian Leva. The shipping costs of the products are subject to additional payment as per these General Terms and Conditions.

In case a consumer requires additional information regarding certain products in connection with the completion of an order, the consumer may send an enquiry to Sirius using the coordinates mentioned above for additional information.

Sirius shall update the website within 3 business days as of the moment a certain product is no longer available, or shall remove the product from the website. In case Sirius has ran out of a product before updating the website, Sirius warns the consumers appropriately as soon as possible.


Sirius and the products, offered on the website, are targeted towards customers that make orders on the website and do not aim to repurchase or make wholesale distributions of the products. In case a customer requires to make a wholesale order, he shall make contact with Sirius using the contact details above. With regards to the above Sirius introduces a prohibition for the order of more than 10 of the same products in the same week from the same customer.




Orders could only be made by consumers that have been registered on the website and have agreed to these General Terms and Conditions.

For completing a registration a consumer shall be required to enter a unique nickname and password in the registration form of the website, as well as to provide an E-mail address. During an order the consumer must enter a delivery address and telephone number for contact, and such data may be remembered by the website system. For the realization of a registration a confirmation E-mail may be sent to the consumer on the provided E-mail address, containing a link to finish the registration.

After the registration has been approved and the customer data has been entered in the system, the consumer shall be able to change the delivery address and his personal details with every order.

The consumer hereby declares consent upon registration to receive informational and advert brochures from Sirius on the provided E-mail address. In case the consumer does not wish to receive such commercial communication, the consumer can cancel the subscription to such using the link, provided with every informational communication, sent by Sirius.

The consumer hereby declares that the data provided upon registration on the website as well as on his profile at a later moment, are correct, true and accurate. Sirius shall not be held liable for any mistakes or false data, including regarding the provision of such data to third parties, regardless of whether they have agreed to that or not. In cases of when an order or delivery cannot be made due to inaccurate information provided by the consumer, Sirius is discharged of obligations and liabilities and shall not owe any compensation to the customer.

A consumer has the right to delete his registration by sending a request to Sirius on the contact details given above.

In case a consumer wishes to buy a product, he must log into his account, select the product and push the button named “Buy now”. The product is automatically transferred to the customer’s “cart” where the end price (VAT included) is shown. The consumer could select the quantity of the ordered products and the address for delivery and payment, after which the consumer must push the button “Finish order”. As of the moment of the click of the “Finish order” button, an electronic request to Sirius for the order is sent. Sirius reviews the order and in case the product is available and there are no other problems for the realization of an order, Sirius makes a confirmation to the consumer for the order on the specified E-mail address by the consumer. As of the moment of sending of the confirmation from Sirius, the order is deemed realized.

In case a consumer does not wish to realize an order he must not push the button “Finish order”.

An order could be realized 24 hours a day, including Saturdays and Sundays, and official holidays.



The end amount due shall be the aggregate amount of all different product which have been ordered by a consumer, including the shipping price. All product prices have VAT included.



The payment method is selected by the consumer upon order realization. Payments can be processed via a credit/debit card or by a delivery payment.

Payments can be processed only via a credit/debit card when shipped outside Bulgaria.



The delivery is made by Sirius or a delivery company on Bulgarian territory, on the territory of the European union and the world. Deliveries are made in 14 working days as of order confirmation (in case the consumer has selected to make a delivery payment) for the European union and 30 working days for the rest of the world or as of the date of receipt of the payment (in case the consumer has selected payment via a credit/debit card).

Delivery is free for the territory of Bulgaria, whereas shipping across the EU or the world is subject to the conditions of the UPS delivery company. Every consumer shall be additionally informed for the delivery costs in relation to the specified address of delivery.

In cases of difficulties for the realization of a delivery, which have occurred not due to a fault of Sirius, including but not limited to when the address of delivery is incomplete or incorrect, the telephone number for contacts is incomplete or incorrect and so on, Sirius shall not be liable for the delayed delivery. In these cases Sirius shall retain its right to cancel a realized order, an in case a payment has been made, to reimburse the consumer with the sum and under the conditions of these General Terms and Conditions regarding cancellation.

Sirius shall retain the right to cancel deliveries of ordered products in cases the quantity of the products has been exhausted, under the condition that Sirius notifies the consumer appropriately, and in cases payments have been made Sirius obliges to reimburse the amount paid by the customer, under the conditions of these General Terms and Conditions for cancellation.

Sirius shall not be liable for late deliveries in cases the latency or the non-delivery are not due to a fault of Sirius, including due to a fault of the delivery company.


Sirius is registered as an Operator of personal data with a number of the certificate for an operator of personal data

No ……………………..

Sirius respects the privacy of personal data of every consumer. Every personal data, provided upon and after registration on the website (including “cookies”), shall be kept strictly confidential and shall never be sold, reassigned, transferred of given to any third party except to companies, partnering Sirius, but only if they have also obliged to keep the secrecy and protection of the data under the law (i.e. delivery companies, companies that provide payment services and so on).

Submission of personal data is voluntary. Provision of a name and E-mail is a necessary prerequisite for the realization of a registration on the website. In case a consumer does not wish to submit personal data, he shall not be able to get a registration on the website. Sirius is liable for the collection and management of personal data, provided by the consumers.

In case a consumer refuses to provide personal data or withdraws his consent subsequently, the registration on the website is cancelled. Consent withdrawal does not concern orders which have already been realized up to the moment of the receipt of the withdrawal from Sirius.

Upon provision of incomplete and/or incorrect personal data Sirius has the right to reject registration or an order/orders of a consumer.

Every consumer has the right to access his personal data, managed by Sirius, and the right to request deletion from Sirius, correction or block of the data, for which every consumer may request in writing to the following Sirius address – Sofia, Kryasna polyana, bl. 7, entr. A, fl. 13, apt. 65.

The personal data, provided to Sirius can only be used in connection to the services provided to the consumers – for the delivery of a product to the consumer and for sending informational brochures and catalogues.


Every content, including but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content, design, software, databases, information and every other content, published on the website, are owned by Sirius.

The consumer shall not copy, transfer, modify or make any other changes, use, connect with, include content, etc. on and from the website, without the preliminary consent of Sirius.


The consumer has the right to cancel an order without reasoning or liability in a 14 day period as of the date of: 1) realization of the order; 2) acceptance of the product from the consumer or a third person, authorized from the consumer to accept delivery – in connection with the contract sale or when the consumer has ordered many products with one order, which shall be delivered separately – as of the date on which the consumer or authorized third person has accepted the last delivery.

The consumer is required to inform Sirius for any intentions of returning a bought product or cancellation, and shall notify Sirius for this decision unequivocally by all means of communication (via E-mail or by sending a notification to the address of Sirius) before the term of 14 days expires. The right of cancellation could be exercised by the consumer by filling out the standard form for cancellation, which is placed at the end of these General Terms and Conditions.

The legal requirements for the exercising of the right of cancellation could be found here below as per Annex 6 of the Consumer Protection Act:

In cases of cancellation Sirius shall reimburse the consumer for all payments received, including delivery payments, if any have been made.

The sums shall be returned to the consumer without unjustified delay in a 14-day period as of the date of which the consumer has informed Sirius for his decision to cancel. Sirius has the right to delay the reimbursement of the consumer until the receipt of his products back from the consumer or until the consumer provides evidence that he has sent the products back, whichever is the sooner. The costs for return delivery of products are covered by the consumer. It is expected these costs to not exceed twice the amount of the delivery price of the initial order delivery. The products shall be returned to the following address: Sofia, 1000, Pozitano Str 1

The consumer is only liable for the reduction of the value of the products following their testing or usage, other than the necessary for the establishment of the characteristics of the product and its good condition and functionality.

The reimbursement shall be made through the same payment method, selected by the consumer upon the initial transaction, unless the consumer explicitly agrees to another method. In any case the reimbursement shall not result in any additional expenses for the consumer.

In case the product cannot be delivered under the terms of these General Terms and Conditions, Sirius hereby obliges to reimburse the consumer for every payment under the contract between the parties, if such have occurred, in a 14-day period as of the date of which the delivery should have been made.


The consumer has the right to use the guarantees, provided by the Customers Protection Act for the conformity of the ordered products or services with the sale contract.

Other than the guarantees by law, some of the products may be subject to contractual guarantee and such circumstances shall be mentioned in the description of the product during the order on the website. The existence of such contractual guarantees does not limit the guarantees by law for the conformity of the purchased products and the contract under the Customers Protection Act. The exact details regarding the contractual guarantee are provided along with the delivery of the products.


For any enquiries regarding questions not mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions, complaints, requests and enquiries could be addressed on the following addresses:Pozitano Str 1 or E-mail:

Telephone number for enquiries: +359876 55 53 33

13. APPENDIXES:From ………….. (customer name), with their address in ……………………….., phone number: ……………., E-mail:


I/We would like to inform you that I/we withdraw from the contract I/we concluded regarding the following goods: ………………………………., ordered on …………………………./received on ………………………………

Please recover the sums paid for the order under the amount of ……………………. by …………………….


Signature: ………….. (if the form is to be sent on paper)



Standard form for withdrawal of a contract

(fill in and send the following form only if you require to cancel an order)


To “SIRIUS COMPANY” EAD, UIC 204496318, with its seat and management address in Sofia 1330, Krasna polyana part II region, bl. 7, entr. A, floor 13, apt. 65, E-mail:

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